Tango Gente 11 - Carla Marano y El Chino Necchi

June 22 - 24

Carla belongs to a generation of dancers that changed the study of this popular (social, folk ) dance in to a fine investigation of its movement technique, its communication language and its music interpretation.

She fully contributed in the development of the Method Tango Discovery created by Mauricio Castro, through which she achieves a particular style in her dance and her teaching.
She gave courses in different academic institutions, organizations and especial events in Buenos Aires, such as La Viruta, Cita 2000, Cita 2002 and Festivals of the City Government of Buenos Aires among others.

Over the years she created especial courses with her own synthesis, and which she shared with colleagues from different generations and styles.

El Chino Nechi is a dancer from the new powerfull and inspired generation, who managed in just a short period of time gets to develop a personal, sensible and authentic dance. He studies with well known masters in the Tango environment in the search to nourish his capacity of interpretation. He is also, together with Pepa Palazon, the organizer of El Motivo Tango, which is the first open "practica" in Buenos Aires, and one of the busiest practicas nowadays.

Carla and El Chino are building up a new path together where the connection, the music and the technique are the most important highlights in their search.

VINERI, 22 iunie

18.30 - 20.00
Workshop 1 - All levels
BA1 - Posture, awareness of posture
20.30 - 22.00
Workshop 2 - All levels
TM1 - Acceleration & stopping without breaking the movement

22.30 - 0.30 Practica Z

SAMBATA, 23 iunie

13.00 - 14.30
Workshop 3 - All levels
BA2 - Finding balance and freedom in a relaxed body
15.00 - 16.30
Workshop 4 - All levels
TM2 - Changing between linear and circular trajectories during the dance

21 00 - 3.00 - Milonga Tango Gente 11 cu Showul maestrilor

DUMINICA, 24 iunie

13.00 - 14.30
Workshop 5 - All levels
BA3 - Using controlled weight of the body to create movement
15.00 - 16.30
Workshop 6 - All levels
TM3 - Pivots & spirals in tango

21.00 - 01.00 - Milonga de despedida


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