5th Bucharest Tango Fantasia 2013

Dear friends, we are preparing for you the 5th Bucharest Tango Fantasia – Anniversary Edition, 12-15 September 2013 with wonderful and one of the greatest maestros and persons, Javier Rodriguez and Noelia Barsi – A really great celebration of Tango Traditional, Pure and Authentic directly from its roots in Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina!
At 5th Bucharest Tango Fantasia in 2013 we will enjoy and celebrate together:

~ 4 fantastic days and nights of tango in Bucharest
~An intensive workshop series of 8 classes (12,5 hs) of tango shared to us by Javier RODRIGUEZ y Noelia BARSI focused on tango salon, elegance, embrace, feeling, great elegant technique for men and women, rhythm, tango fantasia, developing the tango dance & interpretation, giros, sacadas, adornos, tango culture & art and milonga con traspie (See Workshop Presentation Programme/Prices/Venues)
~4 beautiful milongas in Bucharest with wonderful Djs
~The performance of Special Guests: Enzo Hoces Montes y Aurora Chadoin (See Special Guest Performers)
~The performance of Special Guests: Augustin Paun y Laura Iaru from Bucharest, Romania – TangoBrujo Romania School (See Special Guest Performers)
~Obviously, the performance of the Great Maestros: Javier Rodriguez y Noelia Barsi from Buenos Aires, Argentina (See About Javier y Noelia)
Come to enjoy with us these beautiful and fantastic days of great Tango Salon Celebration in Bucharest!


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