Virginia PANDOLFI y Santiago CASTRO in Romania - 3rd Bucharest White Tango Nights

Dear friends,

We are super happy to present you in Bucharest, Romania, yes, yes, ay, yes: Santiago CASTRO y Virginia PANDOLFI at 3rd Bucharest White Tango Nights, on 5 - 7 December 2014!

We'll live a rich tango weekend full of wonderful, interesting and amazing workshop series of: Technique classes, Tango, Tango Vals & Milonga con Traspie classes!!!

We will super enjoy as well:
~ 3 nights of long milongas with performances & surprises
~ very good music with great Djs
~ Fun, Embraces, Smiles, Happiness and Great Tango together!!! :)

# Registration is now Open!!! Private message at: Laura Iaru or

:::::> Santiago CASTRO
We will receive with open arms for the 1st time in Romania - Santiago Castro - great maestro, person, milonguero, coreographer.
Santiago Castro is a true "Milonguero" and one of the very best. He is known not only for his elegance, precision and musicality in his dance style, but also for his methodology and pedagogical skills. He is faithfull and devoted to the kind of tango he believes is the authentic tango - the kind of tango which emphasizes the embrace, walking, music, feeling, respect and codes. He is known for his charisma, professionalism and creativity.
When not travelling around the world, Santiago can be found dancing and performing at the classic and popular milongas of Buenos Aires, such as Sunderland, Salon Canning, Viva la Pepa and others.

::::::::> Virginia PANDOLFI
Virginia Pandolfi was with us in the last two years and we all fell in love with her already. She is one of the most known and famous tango Maestras!
Virginia is a great, awesome tango maestra, charismatic, elegant, sharing always with dedication her passion for tango, for the tango embrace and she's also very famous for her extraordinary Technique for women and men classes that are so useful for everybody, to enrich their tango!
We will enjoy in Bucharest a set of 2 intensive Technique Classes with Virginia! :)

Registration is now Open!!! Private message at: Laura Iaru or

PROGRAM – Workshop & Milongas:

FRIDAY, December 5th, 2014
19.30 – 21.30 (2hs): Tecnica Mujer Part 1. – Women Tecnique Part 1 with Virginia Pandolfi
(& limited places for leaders who are interested to attend)/ Individual participation )
Venue Class: Popa Nan 82, 1st Floor

23.00…:Welcome "Saint Nicholas Candy Sweetie Milonga"
- Welcome Presentation Dance Santiago Castro y Virginia Pandolfi
- Special Guests Performance: Cristi Crang y Iulia Gordan - Atelierul de Tango Iasi
- DJs Challenge Session: Dj Laurita Vs. Dj Csongor Kicsi
Venue Milonga: Popa Nan 82, 1st Floor

SATURDAY, December 6th, 2014
15.00 – 17.00 (2hs): Tecnica Mujer Part 2. – Women Tecnique Part 2 with Virginia Pandolfi
(& limited places for leaders who are interested to attend)/ Individual participation )

17.10 – 18.40 (1,5hs): Tango Group Class Part 1 – with Santiago y Virginia - How to pass from walking to turn and from turn to walking
(participation in couples – leaders & followers)

18.45 – 20.15 (1,5hs): Tango Group Class Part 2 - with Santiago y Virginia - Ritmic combinations with change of weight and rebounds
Venue Classes: Popa Nan 82, 1st Floor

23.00…: Grand Milonga - A Fairy Tale Tango Night with Performance of Maestros Santiago Castro y Virginia Vir Pandolfi
DJ Augustin Paun
Venue Milonga: Popa Nan 82, 1st Floor

SUNDAY, December 7th, 2014
15.30 – 17.00: Tango Vals with Santiago y Virginia - Sequence, Musicality & focus on Elasticity and connection from the open embrace to the close embrace in the turns
17.10 – 18.40: Milonga con Traspie with Santiago y Virginia
Venue Classes: Popa Nan 82 studio, 1st Floor

21.00…: Milonga Dreaming of a White Night
- Special Guest Performance: Ioana Necula Yoanna Yoana Nec ( Tango Feliz Iasi ) & Augustin Paun
– Closing Dance of Santiago y Virginia
DJ: Ioana Necula - Tango Iasi
Venue Milonga: Popa Nan 82, 1st Floor

- 2 Technique Classes (2hs each=4 hs) with Virginia Pandolfi: 40 Eur (190 Ron) - with limited places for leaders interested as well-
- Package SILVER: 4 Group Classes with Santiago y Virginia + 3 Milongas: 100 Eur (450Ron)
- Full Package GOLD: 2 Technique Classes ( with limited places for leaders interested as well) + 4 Group Classes + 3 Milongas: 130 Eur (585Ron)

Milongas Prices:
Friday Welcome Milonga: 30 Ron (7 Eur)
Saturday Grand Milonga: 45 Ron (10 Eur)
Sunday Closing Milonga: 25 Ron (6 Eur)
Full Pass Milongas: 95 Ron (20 Eur)

- Registration becomes valid upon payment
- First come, first served
- Places are Limited
- Registration in couples is ideal. But, if you don't have partner, we recommend you to register as single and we'll match you with a partner who registered as single, as well
- No other persons, except the ones who registered and paid for the packages are allowed to be present during the classes!! Thank you for understanding!!
- !!After November 1st, 2014, no refunds of the amounts payed for the registrations will be made! Just in case you can't attend anymore due to any kind of reason, please kindly find someone of your role (i.e: leader or follower) to replace you and buy the package from you, by paying you directly the amount of participation (that you previously payed to us)!! Thank you for your understanding!!


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