Tango shoes

Cei mai comozi pantofi de tango pe care i-ati incaltat vreodata!
Veseli, colorati, indrazneti, sofisticati, sexy, eleganti sau rafinati, moi si usori, lasa piciorul sa calce dupa pofta inimii, aproape ca nici nu stii ca ai ceva in picioare.
Noi nouti, abiea asteapta sa fie dansati!
Ii puteti incerca si lua acasa chiar sambata seara.
Poate fi o intalnire de neuitat!

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Tango Garments - Successful history:


The Satin Collection 2016



The Sexy Black Collection 2014

 The Flowers of Milonga Collection 2014


Elegantly Laced Collection 2013

The Soutache Collection Autumn 2013

The Wild Collection 2013

The Urban Tango Collection 2013

The Practica Collection Spring 2013

The Bubbles Collection 2013

Soutache Collection Spring 2013


The Classes & Practica Collection 2012

The Cazino Collection 2012 

The Classy Collection 2012

The Encuentro Collection 2012

The Very Tango Collection 2012

The Practica Collection - Spring 2012


The Gala Collection 2011

The Flowers of Milonga Collection 2011

The Practica Collection 2011

Transylvania Tango Fest Collection 2011

The Silk Collection 2011


Late Autumn Harmony Collection 2010

Autumn Harmony Collection 2010

Influenzze – Garments & Accessories Collection 2010

Influenzze - Garment Collection 2010

Influenzze Collection 2010

Crystallized - Swarovski Elements @ La Sastresa Boutique 

Photo Gallery - La Sastresa Boutique (2010-2013)

Tango Shoe Bags - Successful history


Spring Collection 2014


Summer Collection 2013

Spring Collection 2013


Tango Shoe Bags for Men - 2012 Concept 


Autumn Collection 2011 

Summer Collection 2011 


Tango Shoe Bags for Men (October 2010) 

Tango Shoe Bags for Men (June 2010) 

Ethnocraft Collection 2010 

Spring Collection 2010 


Ready to Wear Tango Shoe Bags 


Spring Collection 2008 


Fancy Collection 2007 

The Glamorous Collection 2007 

Colored Black Collection 2007 


Red & Black Collection 2006-2007  

Tango Shoe Bags… the Story 

Nana is a tanguera with a gift. From Bucharest, Romania, she is a wonderfully talented designer specializing in tango clothing.

When she began her tango journey in 2005, she had no idea that tango would open the door for her to discover this exciting new passion – tango clothing design. Nana began making her first dresses at the tender age of 12. Perhaps she inherited the desire to create clothing from her father who was a costume designer. While she had no formal training in fashion back then, she was already exposed to creative and original clothing design in her parents’ home.

Nana’s first tango collection was a collection of Shoe Bags. Very stylish, richly finished and beautifully colored, the bags were made with precision to take care of what we women love – our tango shoes.

Back then, Nana began making tango outfits only for herself, but her talent was quickly noticed by women tango friends and soon she was making clothes and creating outfits on demand. She presented her collections along with Alina Maria Tirtea’s jewelry collection at the Transilvania Tango festival in Brasov. Nana’s original designs endlessly surprise with new ideas in cotton, satin, taffetas, silk – all turned into beautiful skirts, harem pants, tops, etc.

Most of Nana’s designs are custom made. You can meet her if you visit the milongas in Bucharest and ask her to design something special for you. Or, better still, check out her fantastic collections on her blog and simply place an order via email .

Ladies, let tango make you feel good; let Nana make you look good!

La Sastresa Garments in Performances Over The World

Many thanks to all these wonderful dancers and beautiful ladies, Ellinor, Monica and Andreea, that honoured me, wearing my creations, in such important tango events as festivals in Toronto, Belgrad, Krakow and Breaza. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for the lovely way in which you have made the most of these garments.

For me it was a really great joy to them dancing, both the ladies and the pieces I have created, and for that I am grateful. And yes I was excited and nervous the nights when the performances were taking place even if I was not there...

Ellinor Westrup - Zadar Tango Festival 2012, Croatia

Ellinor Westrup - Toronto Tango Festival 2012, Canada

Monica Surubariu - Belgrade Tango Encuentro 2012, Serbia

Monica Surubariu - Wawel Tango Festival 2012, Kraków, Poland

Andreea Trascu - Breaza Tango Camp 2010, Romania

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