The Chronicles of Tango: episode III - MARÍA INÉS & JORGE Bucharest, June 24-26, 2016

24-26 Iunie 2016

Chronicles of Tango - a different approach
Info and registration here:

19:00 – 21:00 Women Technique
21:00 Assisted Practica
tDJ: Cirsta Darie

12:00 – 14:00 Body technique for men and women
14:15 – 15:45 – group class 1: Stand, walk, embrace, walk together. The art of the connection.
16:00 – 17:30 – group class 2: Giros and change of directions with sacadas. Elegant flow.
21:30 – Grand Milonga
tDJ: Gabriela Manea

13:00 – 14:30 – group class 3: Vals for everyone. Basic flow
14:45 – 16:15 – group class 4: Advance vals sequences.
20:00 – Milonga
tDJ: Andrei Mihaescu

-Group Class: 70 RON = 16 EUR (first 15 registered AND paid leaders special price 35 RON = 8EUR)
-Viewer - Viewer (can watch but cannot interact) - reserved area, not related to numer of leaders or followers - 45 RON = 10 EUR
-Women Technique / Body technique for men and women - 120 RON = 27 EUR
-Friday assisted practica - 20 RON = 5 EUR
-Saturday grand milonga - 35 RON = 8 EUR
-Sunday milonga - 20 RON = 5 EUR

Their CV and refferences:
Maria Ines Bogado

WIth Sebastian Jimenez 2010 Metropolitan Championship, as the champions in the Vals, as well as achieved the greatest triumphs: World Champions tango Salon 2010.

Since then they have traveled throughout much of Asia Europe and America.

Secondary studies -E.E.M. nº5 Polivalente Art Center Música§
Degree: Master National Folkdance

special classes
1999- 2002 STEPHEN ETCHEVERRIA MUNICIPALITY - Department of Culture - Tango Dance

Tango, milonga and vals - all styles.

References - Teachers PUGNI, Cristina - Gauna Diego - BOO, Daniel

2007 to the Present

Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte

Salon Tango Club Sunderland. Villa Urquiza



barberia restaurant - CAMINITO, MOUTH. (C.a.b.a.)

Milonga and tango dancer, tango show live


San Telmo restaurant south - San Telmo (c.a.b.a.)

Professor of tango and milonga (various styles)

Milonga and tango dancer, tango show live


Tree Coffee - San Telmo (c.a.b.a.)

Professor of tango and milonga (various styles)

Milonga and tango dancer, tango show live

TERM DORREGO - San Telmo (c.a.b.a.)

Public tango dance show



Salon tango teacher



Professor of tango and milonga (various styles)

Milonga and tango dancer, tango show live



Among other shows:

Children's Book Fair - Cultural Exhibition Center, C.A.B.A.
Company MAYORAL & ELSA MARIA, with Lito Cruz Hotel ALVEAR PALACE, C.A.B.A.
RED 4 - Italian Television Program, exhibition tango classes
LATINO TV - US TV Show, exhibition of tango dance
CNN - TV Show cooks around the world, and tango exhibition tango class drivers
CNN_2009 photo book
Photo production for El Cardon
Magazine cover and interview TAM Brazil 2010

Metropolitan Champion 2010 Vals
Salon Tango World Champion 2010
Video with Ines:

Jorge Lopez

He began taking classes with Mario Morales at an early age in the municipality of Monte Grande, entering A.C.E.T.A. as a regular student in which can be formed with teachers: Javier Rodriguez; Geraldine Rojas; "The turco'' Joseph; Portalea; Carlos and Rosa Perez; Jesus Velasquez, Christian Gomez Marquez and Virginia; Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa and others.

Allowing you to take knowledge of different styles and vision of the tango.

Parallel takes classes in other disciplines that allow him to complete his training as a dancer, with basic knowledge of classical dance

In 2005, the hand of his first teacher moral Mario, won the 2nd place in the Buenos Aires tournament in the category of group tango

In 2008, at the Metropolitan Tournament Buenos Aires won 6th place in the category of Salon Tango and 9th place in the category of Milonga.
In 2009, at the Metropolitan Tournament Buenos Aires he won the 5th place in the category tango salon and 4th place in the category of Milonga.

Some time later danced in great milongas of Buenos Aires Como.. "Tango Cool", "Loca Milonga", "The Emiliana" (moran), "Maldita Milonga" and "Bendita Milonga" The Kiss ", Salon Canning, La tile, Tango Lab "La Kermesse" "Well Porteño" Milonga del Indio, Practice 8 among others.

In teaching begins to serve as first experiences as a teacher of "Bien Porteno''," The Beso'', Chip, Tango Effect (Tokyo Japan), Embracing tango, Tango Heart (Sweden) School and the School of Tango Buenos Aires

He was invited to several events including "World March for Peace" in the prestigious Cultural Center South and Great National Milonga (organized by the teachers' association dancers and choreographers of Argentine tango A.M.B.C.T.A.). Together with dancers like Fabian Peralta and Virginia Pandolfi, Daniel Nacuccho and Cristina Sosa, Jobs in houses as flavored tango tango, the tango bay.

From July 2011 to February 2012 he goes on tour in Japan to work teaching and tango shows with Chizuko Kuwamoto (World Champion 2010 tango scene) in major events such as the Sheraton Hotel and Toho ホ ー ル, also enters an important Japanese musical comedy Balada para un Loco also touring several cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kanazawa with the orchestra of Riota Komatsu

In August of 2012 to November of 2012 again go to work in Japan (Nagasaki) to show ハ ウ ス テ ン ボ ス / Huis ten Bosch part of the staff of dancers

In September 2013 began its tour in Europe (Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland and Denmark) working classes in different studies tango (Tango Heart Tango Love, Cursed Tango) also shows milongas in November 2014 continues to work with its Colombia teaching tour and show for different schools and cities such as Bogota, Pereyra, Manizales and Cali. In January 2015 he began working on the show Tango ¨ ¨ Well that takes place in the cultural center Borges a show that has been performed for 6 years. Also on January 24 begins to organize the Traicionera milonga taking well to work with great artists In February of the same year he also goes on tour with the Pasional show Hernan Piquin dancer great career winning the Starfish Award for best dance show mid-year is part of the renowned company Corporacion Tango with directors Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armendi

Video with Jorge:


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