Fermin - Glorias del Tango

Vreau sa vad, vreau sa vad, vreau sa vad!

Argentina in 2002 is in the midst of one of the worst economic, political and social crises in its history, a pathetic scene for all those professional young people who wish to prosper in their country.
Ezequiel Kaufman (33) is a psychiatrist who works in a typical 3rd world country public hospital. Spain and a 4-year research job vacancy arise, bringing Ezequiel a unique job opportunity. In order to apply for the position he is required to present a clinical case study. Among his patients is Fermín Turdera (85) (Héctor Alterio), a patient at the hospital for more than 10 years. Mr. Fermin expresses himself exclusively using the lyrics and titles of Tango Songs, a peculiar characteristic not understood by the doctors until Ezequiel comes on the scene.

A great patient/doctor relationship develops between Ezequiel and Fermín. Through their relationship, Ezequiel discovers the tango and the customs of Argentina in the 40’s , when Fermín reveals his relationship with his two most intimate friends, Ciempiés and Clodomiro; and Zulma Prando his greatest love.

Not only will Ezequiel navigate across the waters of the Tango underworld with Fermín, he will also find love when he meets Fermin’s granddaughter, EVA Turdera. Eva was raised by Fermín when her parents disappeared during the Military Dictatorship in the 1970’s.

The treatment brings Fermín to an understanding of his own past, and to settle an old debt. Ezequiel, on the other hand, will be forced to decide his own future.


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