Cluj Tango Weekend I Max & Solange 18-20 noiembrie 2016

Compania de Tango Cluj proudly invite you to:
Max Van de Voorde & Solange Acosta
from Buenos Aires/ Argentina

What signals Max & Solange’s tango expertise is that they are 2011 Stage Tango World Champions. Indeed, the 10th place in the Tango Salon category set another landmark in their professional careers in the same year.

Max & Solange have been dancing as a couple for the last five years. During this time, not only have they obtained worldwide recognized awards but they have also worked for some of the most renowned Tango Houses in Buenos Aires such as Tango Porteño and Gala Tango. This young couple has been part of the tango companies like Tempo Tango, Bs.As. Pasión de Tango and Tango Fire. Currently they are part of Immortal Tango cast, the new big project of the great choreographer Germán Cornejo.

Max & Solange’s professional experience extends to the teaching and training fields, since they have both taught and shared their wide knowledge in workshops at important tango festivals and international events around more than 20 countries including Italy, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Russia, Rumania, among others. They have also been invited as jury of the different Preliminaries of the World Tango Championship.


Friday 18 November 2016
20.00-21.20: Tango technique for men & women (all levels)
21.30 - 22.45: Finding the proper technique for effortless ganchos and boleos (intermediate/advanced)

Saturday 19 November 2016
14.00-15.20 Complex figures with changes of embrace and dynamics (intermediate/advanced)
15.30-16.50 Connection and fluency between the couple (all levels)

22.00-03.00: Milonga Corazon de Cluj with show Max Van de Voorde & Solange Acosta
Dj Surprise
Location: Restaurant Napoca 15

Sunday 20 November 2016
14.00-15.20: Cleaning and subtlety of the movement. (all levels)
15.30-16.50: Circular figures for waltz (intermediate/advanced)
20.00-22.00: Practica "S" cu Max Van de Voorde & Solange Acosta

Location for all Workshops & Practica: Attitude Dance Studio, Baba Novac 32

15 euro / 1 workshop
10 euro / 1 milonga with show & DJ Surprise
5 euro / 1 practica

Pachet 3WS: 40 euro/person
Pachet 6WS: 60 euro/person + BONUS 1 Practica "S"

Registrations form:

Ioana Lascu 0744 662463
Horia Calin Pop 0744 165077


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