Hypnotic Tango

On Thursday. Late in the night. The tanda just before La Cumparsita.

There was a couple dancing. I usually look at the followers, how they walk, how they move or I look at the couples dancing, but now was different. The leader drew my attention… without making any effort.

I couldn’t stop looking at him. Someone tried to ask me something during that tanda, to make some conversation, but there was no way to talk to me.

The way that dancer was moving with the music, so naturally… his posture, the pauses he was making, his embrace, the dynamic of the step after the pause, the sharpness and elasticity of the movements, the way he was in that dance, the expression on his face, his feelings, his presence on the floor and in the room… everything … it was hypnotic.

I danced that tanda from the couch, where I was sitting… and… that was the most hypnotic tango I have ever felt in my life.

Was he connected? Certainly, to the music. If only he had an active follower... Actually, I couldn’t see the follower in that dance. But nothing is perfect in this world, and that makes things more beautiful.

I wonder if his age has anything to do with the maturity of his dance. Does time, in tango as in life, have anything to do within this authentic performance?

All these words might sound like a love declaration, but they are not. I only admire and respect him.


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