Another Beautiful Tango Story

Today, at 9:30 am, a baby boy was born in Timisoara. And yes, his parents met on the dance floor, one year ago. Their first steps together were tango steps, their first embrace was the tango embrace.

I want to welcome Tudor on this world, to wish him a beautiful, happy, joyful life. And I look forward to live the day when I’ll be watching you dancing tango, with the same elegance, musicality and deepness as your father use to do. I’m waiting for day to hear you saying “Ma'am, may I have this tanda, please?” :)

Mom, Dad, congratulations from Bucharest! Tudor, may God, light your way!


Silviu Stanca a spus…
Please don't say "like your father used to do" because his father didn't stop to dance tango, hi's taking a break to solve his personal issue regarding tangueros vs tango, and when this issue is solved he will come back to classes and milonga's.

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