"Para bailar tango se tiene que abrazar."

By Ney Melo

‎"Para bailar tango se tiene que abrazar." To dance tango, you have to embrace. You have to embrace. A real embrace, with your arms, hands, chest, and heart. An embrace with feeling and emotion. I see many dancers embrace lightly, or off to one side. They make excuses about the asymmetry of the embrace, or how it hinders their movement, or how it's too heavy, etc. etc. The embrace is the "card that we are dealt" when it comes to tango. You work with it not against it. You find yourself in it, you lose yourself in it. It liberates you just as much as it "hinders" you. To truly embrace someone is similar to loving them, and just as you cannot give someone "half love" you cannot give someone "half embrace".

February 6 at 2:34am


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