TANGO STORY - Timisoara 24-27 October 2013

Tango VIVO Timisoara is glad to present to all you Tango enthusiasts out there:

1st Edition in Timisoara, Romania
From 24th to 27th October 2013
Part of the Timisoara International Dance Festival 2013

Featuring dashing milongas in beautiful and historical venues, workshops by renowned maestros, inspired DJs,, live music and performances, refreshing tango meditation.

Ismael Ludman and Maria Mondino
Ezequiel Farfaro and Jasmin Katharina
Daniel Mandita and Amalia Iscu

Tango DJs:
Horia Călin Pop (Cluj Napoca, Romania)
Claudiu Grosaru (Brasov, Romania)
TangoDj OM (Onur Mehmed) (Skopje, Macedonia)

Special Performances by:
Ismael Ludman & Maria Mondino
Ezequiel Farfaro & Jasmin Katharina
Daniel Mandita & Amalia Iscu
Horia Călin Pop & Ioana Lascu

All Nighter Dashing Milongas
Relaxing Tango Caffe
Astonishing Tango Fashion Show
Breathtaking historical venues
Tango Meditation
Special Guest Tango Performances
Exquisite Tango Show
... and many more surprises for you all!!!

SAVE THE DATE! Registration will start in 1st of September 2013!

More informations about schedule, classes, pricing and a few surprises, comming very soon! Stay tuned for more details!

Diana Avram - 0744430480
Florin Gherasim - 0724407501
Anda Cornean - 0746190133
Cristina Daju - 0744649620
Borcos Vali - 0722228765


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