Cursuri intensive de Tango Argentinian cu Dominic Bridge & Cecilia Piccinni la Cluj

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Joi 6 noiembrie 2014:
Cursuri intensive de Tango Argentinian cu Dominic Bridge & Cecilia Piccinni

19:00-20:30 - curs 1 milonga traspie
20:30-22:00 - curs 2 rhythmical plays in vals.
22:00-23:30 - Practica Asistata

Cursurile sunt ALL LEVELS

Pachet: 2 Cursuri+ 1 Practica: 20 eur/persoana
1 curs: 15 eur/persoana
1 Practica: 5 eur/persoana

Locatie: Mansarda Restaurant Napoca 15,

Va rugam confirmati participarea trimitand un mail pe adresa!

About Dominic & Cecilia:

Dominic and Cecilia met only in passing in Buenos Aires in 2007, he, an avid and beginner tango teacher from the United States, she a respected tango professional teaching in the prestigious Tango Brujo school. Dominic attended this school while studying tango with Gastón Torelli and Mariela Sametband, among others, and modern dance and tango with Cecilia García.

Having many friends in common and sporadically in contact over the years, it became a running joke between them that they had never met in person. In 2011 they both toured alone in Romania and came very close to meeting in Bucharest for a performance, but the Fates decided that the right time had not yet arrived. Finally, they converged in 2013 in a milonga in Paris, after both becoming established teachers throughout Europe, having criss-crossing paths but never having been in the same place at the same time until that moment.

Dominic and Cecilia’s first performance was at Tango Cazino 3rd Edition. Today they have tours planned in Europe, North America, and Argentina moving into spring 2015. For the remainder of the fall they are teaching regular classes in Budapest at the Barrio del Tango, followed by workshops and show in Florence, Italy (28-30 Nov) and a show in Winter Tango Napoli (5-7 Dec). Their tour in the United States commences on New Years at the San Diego Tango Festival followed by touring in Los Angeles, New York City, Princeton, New Haven, Anne Arbor Fire&Ice Festival, Portland Valentango 2015, then Buenos Aires.


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