6th Bucharest Tango Marathon: 20 - 22 Noiembrie 2015

We were thinking for a while what to write about it.
The truth!!:) That's the only thing that matters anyway:)

So...we were busy with a lot of other projects that we love (tango projects,, tango schools, Dj-ing, children, travelling, dealing with life crisis, etc...) and we somehow forgot the feeling. The feeling that we had at every edition of BTM. THAT feeling!

But...you reminded us. Every day. To each of us. To our students, friends...to any Romanian tango dancer that you met during this year. You made us remember and you made us say YES, we're doing it again!!!

Thank you for this!!! THANK YOU for your tens of messages coming from all over Europe asking us to move our butts and make it happen:))


Everything you need to know can be found here and on the website:

Registration starts on August 12, anytime you feel like it :)

Hope to see as many friends as possible, so start looking for flights!

BTM Team (extended :D )


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