"Adios Muchachos" - A Tango Superstition


Adios Muchachos – un cantec pe care toata lumea il stie si il poate fredona, chiar daca nu danseaza tango. O melodie foarte cunoscuta, cantata de mai multe orchestre, insa cu “problem”. De ce cu problem? Inca de cand mergeam eu la Cina, la primele mele milongi, am invatat ca aceasta melodie nu se danseaza. De-a lungul timplui mi s-a intamplat sa fiu la milonga, sa incep sa dansez cu cineva o tanda, si hodoronc-tronc, in mijlocul tandei sa te trezesti ca incepe aceasta melodie; de comun accord cu partenerul am oprit dansul si am lasat sa treaca aceasta melodie, fara sa o dansam. Nu stiu cati dintre noi cunosc aceasta superstitie, dar ca sa fiu eu sigura ca afla cat mai multi dintre noi, m-am hotarat sa scriu acest articol.

In cautarile mele pe net am gasit urmatoarele lucruri:
“Argentine tango developed set of codes and superstitions throughout its history. One charming example is 'cabeceo' - an eye invitation by man to a woman to dance which is practiced in Buenos Aires. Somewhat related is "yeta" - superstitions. For example, one doesn't dance to the well known tango "Adios Muchachos" as it was the last one sung by Carlos Gardel before his untimely accident leading to his death.”

Apoi, undeva pe net am gasit urmatoarea corespondenta cu privire la acest subiect, din care am extras partile esentiale:

“The saying goes that many years ago, during a stage show, an orchestra began playing "Adios Muchachos", and strange things happened, such as a female dancer's dress coming apart at the seams, someone else falling down on stage, etc... From that day on, none of the touring shows are willing to play the song.” - Silvia

“The story I heard is that 'Adios Muchachos' is the last song performed by Carlos Gardel before his untimely accidental death. Thus, those who revere Gardel consider the irony to be much too strong to ignore. I have no proof for any of this, BTW. Any independent confirmations?” - Frank

“The tango "Adios muchachos" is a bad jinx, it is not to be played, never, ever. If the name of the tango is pronounced, men have to hold one of their balls, and women one of her teets, is bad luck, especially for dancers (Maria Nieves commented this jyink in robert duvall´s movie "Assassination Tango") – Alberto

Listen ! They are playing a tango, very simple, very beautiful, very "dancable" ... it's Canaro playing "Adios Muchachos". He and I have a choreography on this one. Shall we throw it away?

Whaw! You chose precisely "Adios Muchachos". It may be useful for you guys to know that for the Argentines, this is a no-dance Tango, no matter who plays it (and believe me, I love Canaro!). Just in case you will need to perform in front of a partially Argentine audience... Are you performing this in Buenos Aires by any chance? Anticipate some discomfort then... They say that it is "bad luck" - "yeta" in Lunfardo. I don't believe in those b...s... but some do ...” -Polo

“Picture this. I am reading about AM and now while I type I am using only one hand, because the other one is holding on to my crotch. It seems that Carlos Gardel's last song before the fatal flight that took his life was the one you mention. Since then, singers regularly refuse to sing it in public, because it is bad luck. They even go to the extend of grabbing their crotch while the tango is played, as a way to recall the painful experience of Gardel and his travel companions burning like charcoal in the tarmack of Medellin airport. Polo played AM once to many last year and two weeks later Chez Louis shut down after 40 years in business, and was levelled by the construction of a drugstore in the place it used to stand. I played AM one night in 1991 on KIQI in San Francisco, forgetting the ritual of holding on to my jewells. Two weeks later the show was cancelled and went off the air. Go figure it! Our friend Nora D. adds that the women's version to keep the yeta away is to grab their left breast” Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 - Alberto

So, dragi mei dragi, la milonga nu se pune melodia “Adios Muchachos” indiferent cat de dansabila ar fi versiunea. In cazul in care DJ-ului i-a scapat aceasta melodie intr-o tanda, mai bine nu dansati… vorba unui prieten “Ce sa-i faci? Cazul tipic de ghinion!”, si in situatia extrema in care vreti sa faceti o demostratie, in Argentina sau in fatza unui public avizat, care include si argentinieni, evitati sa alegeti aceasta melodie pentru dans, fie el ce-o fi: coregrafie pentru scena sau improvizatie pt demo. De ce?... E mai bine sa nu…

Initial am vrut sa pun un link cu aceasta melodie, sa fie auzita de cei care vor citi acest articol… dar am zis ca … mai bine nu ☺


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