7th Bucharest Tango Fantasia Secrets & 1st Romanian Tango Championship - with Javier Rodriguez y Fatima Vitale in Romania

Dear friends,

I'm very delighted to announce you two wonderful tango events in Romania for this autumn that will be actually 2 in One amazing tango event on September 11 - 13, 2015:

- 7th Bucharest Tango Fantasia Secrets with one of the greatest tango maestros argentinos - Javier Rodriguez and Fatima Vitale bringing high value & quality tango workshops, culture and presence in Romania!! And with Special Guests: Andrea De Dominicis y Helga Corpora - Italy & Lucian Stan y Raluca Aldea - Romania, plus great Djs, performances, fantastic milongas -> A Fantastic Tango Meeting & Fiesta!!!


- 1st - Premiere - Romanian Tango Championship - Tango de Pista Championship dedicated to Romanian tangueros who dance tango as hobby, for all levels, from entire Romania (non-teachers)!! & open also to tangueros from Republic of Moldova (whom we consider our sister country)! - Organized by Laura y Csongor - European Tango de Pista Champions 2015.

This Romanian Tango Championship has as main purpose: -> the increase of the level and quality of tango in Romania for the tango dancers who love to dance tango as hobby (non teachers)
-> a greater motivation for all the tango dancers in Romania to approach to classes, in order to discover more and more the comfort in the couple, the respect for dancing on the tango floor/pista with other couples & how to reach harmony on the floor & a better technique for all these aspects, a deeper understanding of tango culture of music, of love and respect for tango culture in its essence.
-> You get to live a new tango experience, new vibration and adrenaline on the floor!!
-> By living the experience of the Romanian Championship, you get to rise your tango level for yourselves actually, for your every day tango at milongas!!
-> You get to have the opportunity of a stage of preparation classes with one of the greatest maestros in tango world during the same weekend: Javier Rodriguez y Fatima Vitale!!
-> The Jury will be represented by: maestros argentinos Javier Rodriguez y Fatima Vitale (he is a distinguished member of the Jury at World Tango Championships) + Csongor Kicsi y Laura Iaru - european champions tango de pista 2015 & romanian teachers + Lucian Stan y Raluca Aldea - european semifinalists tango de pista & escenario 2014 & 2013 & romanian teachers!!
-> Wonderful prizes!!
-> The 1st place couple winner will also dance short demo at Sunday Closing Milonga!! :)
-> All the participants are actually winners - winners of an amazing new tango experience and of enriching their tango quality and level!!!
->There will be also the Special Prize of the Audience!
-> This project is also meant to bring, as it's possible, a support and gathering of all of us in Popa Nan 82 Studio - - one of the homes of tango in Bucharest!!!

REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN!!! Don't hesitate to live a new & fantastic tango experience for your tango!!!

!!!Everything in the wonderful venue of Popa Nan 82 Studio!! Join us!!! :)


FRIDAY, September 11th:

19.00 – 20.30: Ws 1 – Tango Technique Men & Women
20.40 – 22.10: Ws 2 – Tango de Pista 1 – Dancing on Di Sarli, Calo..: Interpretation & Composing the Dance, Navigating the floor, Searching for Quality - The Embrace – The Secrets, Cadencia & Pausa, Caminata

23.00-05.00: Welcome Milonga
~Tdj: TBA
~ Show Lucian Stan y Raluca Aldea (Romania)
~ Show Andrea de Dominicis y Helga Corpora (Italia)

SATURDAY, September 12th:

12.00-13.30: Ws 3 – Tango de Pista 2 – Dancing el Tango Ritmico – D'Arienzo, Rodriguez, Biaggi..: Interpretation & Composition, Musicality on D'Arienzo

13.30-14.00: Lunch Break in Popa Nan

14.00-15.30: Ws 4 – Tango de Pista 3 – From Close Embrace to Open Embrace ~ Drama & Intensity of Pugliese. Elegant Circularity, keeping the connection.

15.30-16.30: Preparing the room in Popa Nan for the Romanian Championship
16.30-17.00: Warm up for participating couples

17.00-18.00: Preliminary Rondas Romanian Championship
18.35: Announcing the Semifinalists
18.45-19.30: Semifinal Rondas Romanian Championship

23.00-06.00: Grand Gala Milonga Fantasia
~Tdj: Andrea de Dominicis (Dedo) – Italia
~Announcing the Finalists of the Romanian Tango Championship
~Show Javier Rodriguez y Fatima Vitale (Argentina)

SUNDAY, September 13th:

14.30 – 16.00: Ws 5 – The joy of Milonga con Traspie

16.00 – 17.00: Preparing the room in Popa Nan for the Romanian Championship

19.30 – 20.00: Warm up for participating couples
20.00 – 20.45: Final Rondas of Romanian Tango Championship
21.30 – 02.00: Closing Milonga with Announcing the Prizes from the Romanian Tango Championship & Short Demo of the Champions
~Tdj: TBA
~ Show Csongor y Laura
~ Closing Dance of all maestros


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